Please feel free to upload old and new family photos. If you would like a photo album for your specific family or event please send a message to Cathe or Maritza and we can create a new photo album for you.
Birthday of Ovidio Perez, our family Patriarch

Family Reunion Official Group Photos

This photo album will contain the official family group photos from all reunions. If you would like to upload photos from any of our reunions please do so in the Reunion Candid Shots album.
Cousins forever together

Reunion Candid Shots

This album is for candid photos from any family reunion big or small. Feel free to upload your own pictures here.
1965 Birthday party Santo Domingo, D.R.


This album contains photos from various family gatherings such as weddings, graduations, births, christenings, academic and sports achievements or even funerals. Feel free to contribute your photos to this album.
My loves ...

Meet the Family

This album is for any photos that you would like to share with the rest of the family. We encourage you to post school pictures or just every day photos of your family members so that we can keep up with each other and especially recognize you when we get together at the reunion.

Family Reunions is about coming together!!